Nothing on the Strand Is Quite This Grand

Come see Renzi the professional magician in Myrtle Beach, SC

Are you ready to see a show worth talking about? Get tickets for The Magic of Renzi by Renzi the local comedy magician!

For three decades, Renzi has thrilled the masses with exciting illusions, magical tricks and live comedy. Whether it's a Hollywood celebrity, the happy bride and groom, the patrons at a local resort or your boring boss, we're going to harness the power of magic to excite, thrill and entertain.

Ready to see the spectacular magic of a professional magician? Catch his dynamic live show tonight at the Kings Theater in the Myrtle Beach Mall.

Our magic is better with a gathering

The pinnacle of live entertainment is the Myrtle Beach theater. At our local theater, each show is different thanks to our fantastic live audience. Renzi, our professional magician, takes the audience through a thrilling maze of:

  • Illusions
  • Tricks
  • Live comedy
The star of the show is you! Well, sort of. For tickets or more information about our fantastic live magic show, call us today at 843-267-4311.

Learn more about Renzi

Renzi is a local comedy magician with 30 years of performing experience. Now that's no joke that he:

Studied theater at UNC Wilmington
Was the featured act at The Palace Theatre
Has performed for Ronnie McDowell, Montel Williams and the cast of One Tree Hill

No matter where he is or who he's performing in front of, Renzi will always bring an unforgettable magic experience to his audience. See his spectacular live show on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm.

When It's Your Turn to Give your Guests something to Talk About

Treat Them to:

Magic and Comedy with Renzi Norris

Magic and laughter are a perfect combination for entertainment guests will long remember. He's Fresh! He's Fun! He's Talented! He's an entertainer! And he's all about YOU! Every Audience is different and Renzi's combination of magic, comedy, and audience participation results in a different show every time!

Grins, giggles, laughter, and amazement flow throughout Renzi's family-friendly performance. After spending time with Renzi, you will leave with lasting memories to take home and talk about!

During his 20+ years of performing professionally, audiences have been stunned by Renzi's:

  • Card Tricks
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Production Magic